Welcome to our 5th bare knuckle fight poll, and our first Bare Knuckle Boxing UK (BKB) Fight Poll on We will continue to add more fights to vote on as they are announced on If we have missed any fights please leave them on the comments so that we may add them to the voting.

  • Question of

    Homes VS Kelley

    • Homes
    • Kelley
  • Question of

    Mills VS Devall

    • Mills
    • Devall
  • Question of

    George VS McHugh

    • George
    • McHugh
  • Question of

    Olsen VS Szynkiewics

    • Olsen
    • Szynkiewics
  • Question of

    Meikle VS Podmore

    • Meikle
    • Podmore
  • Question of

    Hilz VS Barbaru

    • Hilz
    • Barbaru
  • Question of

    Bindon VS Tiffin

    • Bindon
    • Tiffin
  • Question of

    Darch VS Barrett

    • Darch
    • Barrett
  • Question of

    Lerwell VS McGraffin

    • Lerwell
    • McGraffin
  • Question of

    Leeson VS Murray

    • Leeson
    • Murray
  • Question of

    Procter VS Kerr

    • Procter
    • Kerr

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