BYB 27 Weigh-In and Face-Off; BYB-BKB Acquisition Informational Press Conference


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BYB Extreme Fighting Series, the modern-day originators of bare knuckle fighting in the US will host its Jacksonville debut at BYB 27 Brawl in Duval on Friday, June 14 at the Prime Osborn Convention Center. Ahead of the fight, in addition to the regular weigh-in and face-offs for the card, BYB will host a press conference to discuss the impact and details behind last month’s historic announcement that BYB had acquired BKB, the oldest and largest bare knuckle fighting promotion in the UK. Joining BYB Heavyweight Champion Ike Villanueva, BYB Light Heavyweight Champion Cub Hawkins, and BYB Super Middleweight and Middleweight Champion LT Nelson in Jacksonville, will be BKB Super Middleweight and Light Heavyweight Champion Marko Martinjak (Croatia), BKB Lightweight Champion James Connelly (United Kingdom), and BKB Flyweight Champion Scott McHugh (United Kingdom).

Additionally, BYB Co-Founder and President Mike Vazquez, Co-Founder Dada 5000, BYB CEO Greg Bloom, and @BYBBKB Co-Founder Jim Freeman (who will maintain an active role overseeing European operations) will discuss the nuances of the merger, as well as the overall impact on the rapidly growing sport of bare knuckle on a global level.

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BYB 27 Card (Subject to Change):

Jon Barnard v. Harold McQueen
Yordan Fuentes v. Jarome Hatch
Jaime Driver v. Sonya Dreiling
Maurice Morris v. Isaiah Washington
Skylar Thomas v. Shyanna Bintliff
Brandon Birr v. Brandon Desrosier
Craig Williams v. James Bodnar
Christopher Gonzalez v. Lukas Jones

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Please go to BYB Extreme YouTube Channel to read full article.

Please go to BYB Extreme YouTube Channel to read full article.

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