Knockout! Defeated his opponent in the BFL! Fighting in the ring without gloves


Here comes the big fight in the BFL league, where Daniel Dorrer from Germany stepped into the ring against a powerful opponent Danier Nuerboli.
Daniel is not just a fighter, he is a machine in winning fights without gloves and his record of 222 wins against 13 losses speaks for itself.
Tonight’s fight in the BFL league was no exception. Daniel used all of his skill and experience to control the fight from the first to the last round. His ability to adapt tactics and read his opponent was key to his success in the ring.
We saw how strategically and skillfully he uses his skills in fist fights, defending and attacking when needed. Daniel not only demonstrates strength and precision, but also the ability to keep the pressure on while remaining cool and calculated.
Fans of gloveless fights will appreciate not only Daniel’s technique, but also his ability to hold his punches. This BFL fight was not only a test of his physical abilities, but also a test of his fighting spirit.
For anyone who appreciates intense and emotional fights in the ring, this BFL fight was a real highlight of the evening. Don’t miss the full highlights of a fight where every punch and every attack matters. Watch as Daniel reaffirms his status as a Peaceful Warrior, proving that he is a true fighter in the ring.

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