Tommy Craig Falls from Van De Hel Strike! BFL League 2024 | France vs England


In this video, we present to you one of the most tense and unpredictable fights of the BFL league, where two exceptional fighters meet: Tommy Craig from London, England, and Johan, representing France. Both fighters entered the ring with impressive records and full of determination to prove their superiority.

Fighter Introduction: The start of the video introduces us to Tommy and Johan, revealing their fighting achievements and thirst for victory.
Spectacular Fight: The fight recording showcases the incredible drama and technique of bare-knuckle fighting, where each strike can be decisive.
Interviews and Emotions: After the fight, we hear from the fighters about their impressions, analysis of the match, and plans for the future.
Fight Analysis: A detailed breakdown of the fight highlights the key moments and decisive strikes that determined the outcome.
This fight was a true test of character and skill for both fighters. Watch how the action unfolds in the ring, and witness how the tension and adrenaline of bare-knuckle fighting lead to an unpredictable outcome.

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