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The BKFC extends their global reach as we head to Bulgaria for a full fight card with some of the regions toughest fighters. With a fighting culture passed down to them by their nomadic warrior ancestors’ tribes, the Arena Sofia feels like a natural place for a night of epic bouts. We are in for a night of hardened warriors going toe to toe, in what will likely be a fast-moving card even in BKFC terms. It will be a unique card in more ways than one with the obvious observation being the fact that not one fighter featured this evening will have fought in the BKFC before. Despite the lack of BKFC experience, some fighters have participated in bare knuckle bouts and fight experience is in abundance in Sofia! Traditional boxing and MMA are huge in the country with Sambo, kickboxing, Judo and wrestling being some of the most popular martial arts. They have also been early supporters the fastest growing combat sport in the world, so it almost feels overdue to spill some blood in the Squared Circle on Bulgarian soil.

Live FREE prelim fights start at 1pm ET in the USA and the YouTube PPV main event starts at 2pm ET.
Dimitrov vs Zhelyazkov
Kosendar vs Valentinov
Sadykov vs Kanchev
Abdulnabi vs Kolev
Durski vs Dimitrov
Lupu vs Mando
Giustarini vs Ivanov
Batan vs Iliev
Ozer vs Pasche
Arsov vs Petkov
Maia vs Stoichkov
Vojetela vs Dimitrov

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*Fight card is subject to change

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