Gamebred Bareknuckle 6 Official Press Conference

Our official press conference for Gamebred Bareknuckle 6 was a resounding success. Hosted by David van Auken, the conference opened with the exciting announcement that the entire event will be live-streamed for free on the official Gamebred Bareknuckle MMA YouTube channel and the Kick streaming platform. The live action is set to commence at 7 pm EST, so be sure to subscribe to the channel and enable notifications to ensure you don’t miss a moment.

During the conference, David shared insights from a conversation with matchmaker Dean Toole. They delved into the qualities they seek in fighters, emphasizing that it goes beyond mere win-loss records or undefeated streaks. The focus is on discovering true warriors who bring intensity and excitement to the ring. Real dogs, providing a thrilling experience for both the live audience and those tuning in online.

Jorge Masvidal Press conference Bareknuckle MMA Gamebred

President of Gamebred Bareknuckle MMA Jorge Masvidal shared his thoughts

Jorge expressed his gratitude for the ability to bring these events to fruition, providing fighters with a platform deserving of showcasing their skills. Reflecting on the success of the previous show, Gamebred Bareknuckle 5, which garnered over a million views within a few hours, Jorge believes the promotion is on an upward trajectory, anticipating even greater achievements.

He shared his perspective on the kind of fighters the seek for the Gamebred Bareknuckle cage—those who refuse to retreat, bite down on their mouthpiece, and relentlessly move forward. Experienced fighters who are dogs. This tenacity and fearlessness perfectly embody what Gamebred Bareknuckle is seeking in its fighters.

Roy Nelson Alan Belcher Gamebred Bare knuckle MMA

Roy Nelson vs Alan Belcher the main event

Both Roy ‘big country’ Nelson and Alan Belcher shared their thoughts on the upcoming fight. Besides the main event we had 6 other fights sharing their thoughts.

Watch the full Gamebred Bareknuckle 6 Official Press Conference here

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