Pablo Caballero vs. Harold McQueen BYB 17 Bare Knuckle Brawl at Rock Hill

Watch the latest fight videos of BYB Extreme Bare Knuckle Fighting Series in the US.

“El Killer” makes his return to the Trigon and bare knuckle to take on decorated amateur boxer Harold McQueen who is making his professional bk debut.

Originating in South Florida with backyard legend Dada 5000, whose backyard fights gained worldwide popularity online, BYB was founded to harness the excitement of bare knuckle into a more structured product for a wider, more mainstream audience. Since 2015, BYB has worked diligently to grow the reach of bare knuckle on both a domestic and international level, hosting events in Wyoming, Mississippi, Florida, South Carolina, London, and Dubai, and is continuing to work with athletic commissions throughout the United States globally to expand the fanbase growing sport of bare knuckle. For more information on BYB, visit and follow @bybextreme on social.

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