BKB Lockdown 2 Walkout Tracks And Results!

Courtesy of ‘Shazam’ and a few messages here and there, we bring you every fighters walkout music from BKB Lockdown 2.

Toby Bindon Def. Joey Vaughan (First Round TKO)

Toby Bindon: “Wardog” by Kali Vibz (feat. Chatta & Riffree)

Walkout rating: Representing the underground scene, 7/10.

Joey Vaughan: “Mozambique” by Ghetts (feat. Jaykae & Moonchild Sanelly)

Walkout rating: Dirtier than the air in Canning Town, 9/10.

Carl Hobley Def. Rob Cunningham (Unanimous Decision)

Carl Hobley: “Wiley Flow (Remix)” by Kak Hatt

Walkout rating: Made me want to clean my ears out with hydrofluoric acid so I could unhear it, 3/10.

Rob Cunningham: “Zombie” by Bad Wolves

Walkout tune: Hard track, 8/10.

Dorian Darch Def. Mason Shaw (Second Round TKO)

Dorian Darch: “The Business” by TiΓ«sto

Walkout tune: I like the way Dorian co-ordinated his walkout tune with the MC’s catchphrase, 7/10.

Mason Shaw: “Greatness” by Masicka

Walkout rating: Made me want to grow out some dreads, 9/10.

Jonny Lawson Def. Chas Symonds (Majority Decision)

Chas Symonds: “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now” by McFadden & Whitehead

Walkout rating: A walkout tune groovy enough to befit Chas’ weigh-in attire, 7/10.

Jonny Lawson: “Immortalized” by Disturbed

Walkout rating: A-tier Disturbed anthem, 9/10.

Nathan Decastro Def. Conan Barbaru (Majority Decision)

Nathan Decastro: Custom walkout track consisting of “Things Can Only Get Better” by D-Ream and “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes

Walkout rating: Got to respect the creativity, 7/10.

Conan Barbaru: “Hello Zepp” Charlie Clouser

Walkout rating: Only a serial killer would walkout to a Saw theme tune, 10/10.

Daniel Podmore Def. Charlie Milner (Fourth Round KO) Retains British Heavyweight Title

Charlie Milner: “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton

Walkout rating: Biggest troll in BKB, 4/10.

Daniel Podmore: “Jungle” by Professor Green (feat. Maverick Sabre)

Walkout rating: Gorilla mentality, 8/10.

Barrie Jones Def. Paul Hilz (First Round KO) New British Lightweight Champion

Paul Hilz: “Back in Blood Freestyle” by Tiny Boost

Walkout rating: War ready, 9/10.

Barrie Jones: “Hells Bells” by AC/DC

Walkout rating: A slow-burning walkout track to coincide with his internet connection, 6/10.

Antony Holmes Def. Ryan Barrett (Unanimous Decision) Retains British Super Middleweight Title

Ryan Barrett: “The Taste Of Ink” by The Used

Walkout Rating: The mask covered the warface but I can assure it was there, 7/10

Antony Holmes: “Champion” by Tommee Profitt (feat. Nicole Serrano)

Walkout rating: Champion by name, champion by nature, 6/10.

Scott McHugh Def. Nathan Leeson (Unanimous Decision) New British Bantamweight Champion

Scott Mchugh: “‘Till I Collapse” by Eminem

Walkout rating: Disappointed not to hear “Goes On” by Danbo but can’t go wrong with Eminem, 9/10.

Nathan Leeson: “Can’t Be Touched” by Roy Jones Jr. (feat. Mr.Magic & Trouble)

Walkout rating: Stylistic comparisons, I like it, 8/10.

Dan Chapman Def. John Spencer (Second Round TKO) New World Flyweight Champion

Dan Chapman: “Furlough” by Danny Miami

Walkout rating: Talented young artist, respect to Chapman for giving this track a platform, 8/10.

John Spencer: “I’m Shipping Up To Boston” by Dropkick Murphys

Walkout rating: The most Irish song of all time (that is performed by Americans), 7/10.

Connor Tierney Def. James Connelly (Split Decision) New World Lightweight Champion

James Connelly: “Listen Likkle Man” by K Koke

Walkout rating: Subliminal shots fired, 9/10.

Connor Tierney: Custom track consisting of “Clubbed To Death” by Rob Dougan and James Connelly talking over the top “he hasn’t felt the smack”

Walkout rating: No comment, 10/10.

Jimmy Sweeney Def. Russell Pearce (First Round TKO)Β 

Russell Pearce: “Things My Father Said” by Black Stone Cherry

Walkout rating: Emotional walkout for Pearce who buried his father the day before, 8/10.

Jimmy Sweeney: Custom walkout track consisting of “all of the lights” by Kanye West (feat. Rhianna & Kid Cudi) and “450” Bad Boy Chiller Crew

Walkout rating: No divvy’s around here mush, 9/10.

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