The ‘Toe The Line’ 2020 BKB Awards!

2020 was a crazy year, and despite only having two shows due to COVID 19, we were left with plenty of memorable moments to choose from. The formation of this list was tough, but we’re confident of our picks, so now it’s over to you. If you want to have a go yourself, simply copy and paste the awards list and add your own choices in the comments below (WordPress or any of our socials). Merry Christmas everyone!

Fighter of the year: Connor Tierney

Fight of the year: Sean George vs Smudger Smith (BKB Lockdown)

Walkout of the year: Ryan Barrett (BKB Lockdown)

Event of the year: BKB 20

Knockout of the year: Connor Tierney Def. James Connelly (BKB 20)

‘Toe The Line’ Interview of the year: Jimmy Sweeney Promises He Will KO Ricardo Franco In The Rematch’

Round of the year: Connor Tierney vs James Connelly round one (BKB 20)

Ring girl of the year: Katie Gunn

Upset of the year: Charlie Milner Def. Eric Olsen (BKB Lockdown)

One to watch in 2021: Dan Chapman

Newcomer of the year: Ryan Barrett

Coach of the year: Simon Haycock

Most improved fighter: Daniel Podmore

Puncher of the year: Paul Hilz

Comeback of the year: Nathan Leeson

Worst cut: Matthew Hodgson vs Eric Olsen (BKB 20)

Role model of the year: Sean George (for his hard-work and dedication to the sport of bare-knuckle)

Hardest worker: Paul Hilz

BKB ‘Banter’ Awards

Most PC social media account: Smudger Smith

Best teeth: Joe Smith-Brown (They’re looking good this year Joe, must be the flossing)

Best beard: Paul Hilz (Although Jonny Lawson is looking like a real contender)

Best trim: Darren Godfrey Jr.

Worst dressed: George Glinski for wearing flippers to BKB 20

Worst weight cutter: Ashley Gibson (Bachir will be happy)

Funniest moment: Eric Olsen’s BKB 20 Pre-fight interview

Most deformed hands: Scott McHugh

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